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Baby Talk by Zikore Baby Talk :iconzikore:Zikore 4 6
OC Questionnaire: Anathema
1. First, Middle, and Last name? - Gelilah Ann Grey. I prefer Ann.
2. Sit Shotgun or in the back? - I’d rather fly. It doesn't take much with an enchanted broom or on the back of my familiar. Or if I happen to have wings myself.
3. Favorite toy as a little kid? - I had a tiny cauldron and would make all sorts of concoctions. Mostly they were mud and leaves but then I learned to take actual ingredients. I melted that cauldron and a good three meters into the stone. There were also the hand me down blocks that I liked.
4. Which is worse, shopping for jeans or shopping for a swimsuit? - My oldest sister tailor makes my clothing.
5. Favorite season? Why? - I don't really have one.
6. Do you read the ending before the book? - *Eyeroll* Oh yes. I read every book backwards. Are you some kind of idiot?
7. Best brand of jeans? - Eerie's
8. Island Cabana, European castle, Safari tent, or Ski lodge? - Hm. Is this a vacation or some kind of adventure? I’ll pick the island for a vacatio
:iconzikore:Zikore 2 3
Anathema Grey by Zikore Anathema Grey :iconzikore:Zikore 4 6 Crazy Siblings by Zikore Crazy Siblings :iconzikore:Zikore 5 7 Twisted Family Tree by Zikore
Mature content
Twisted Family Tree :iconzikore:Zikore 4 9
I made you a cake by Zikore I made you a cake :iconzikore:Zikore 6 5
Grey Stories: Creating
“So she asked you here too?” Calamity asked as he held the door open for Sinister. The plague doctor nodded and the pair entered Diablerie's room and laboratory. The female Grey was looking over a cauldron already bubbling. She looked at them when the door clicked closed.
“Good. Right on time.” The battlemage stepped away from her project. “I wanted you both here to ask a favor. ...I would like you to help me make a child.”
“It's a trap! Run!” Sinister responded immediately. He grabbed Cal’s shoulder. The goth was gaping like a fish.
“Not that way you idiot!” Di hissed. She raised a clenched fist crackling with raw magic. “With a spell!”
Cal closed his mouth. That made a lot more sense than the lesbian before him suddenly being interested in males. “So like how mom was made?”
Sin raised a hand. Cal had sussed out what was going on, and a glance at the ingredients said it was correct. “I hurt
:iconzikore:Zikore 3 3
Ask my OCs: Building Up by Zikore Ask my OCs: Building Up :iconzikore:Zikore 3 3
Grey Stories: Saving
Get up. Surgery ordered herself. With an effort that was more mental than physical, the healer rolled onto her side. There was Sin. Her youngest son hadn't left her side in the past two weeks. He held her hand like she'd seen him doing for Eerie during her episodes.
The weight of her mental trauma felt physical as she ordered herself up again. It was battleshock. She'd been through it before. The only way out was to keep going. Break down here and there. But stopping meant giving in, and death soon followed those that let the darkness take hold. She levered up onto her elbow. Then up to sitting.
Comic had been in to check on her just a short while ago. He’d told her that the other adults were going to decide on Grim's fate. She knew what most of them would pick. So now she had to go and attempt to save her oldest son.
Get up or you won't get a say in this. She mentally ordered again. Swinging her legs off the bed she stood. She was dressed in a nigh
:iconzikore:Zikore 3 11
Inktober 31: Mask by Zikore Inktober 31: Mask :iconzikore:Zikore 5 5 Inktober 30: Found by Zikore
Mature content
Inktober 30: Found :iconzikore:Zikore 3 3
Smurfs OCs List (Ask is open!)
All my Smurfs OCs. This list will be updated periodically as I add more.
DA Verse Smurfs
Cadoc Douglas (Cad)
Murdoc Douglas (Racketeer)
Maeve Douglas (Knave)
Oscar Douglas (Rascal)
Jonah Jackal (Macabre)
Lucy Jackal (Lux)
Silas Jackal (Bramble)
Morrigan Jackal (Banshee)
Zee Smurfette
Smurfs Forever OCs (*DA notes they're in the DA Verse too)
Smurfettes of Smurfette Village
Mama (Sorceress)
Cookie (Auntie)
Bardess (*DA)
Engineer 'Engie'
Tumblette (*DA)
Rowdy (*DA)
Fancy (*DA)
Contortionist (*DA)
Nimble (*DA)
Risky (*DA)
Terra Cotta
Other Fey of Smurfette Village
Harlan (Pixie)
Ignacio (Imp)
Zauberin (Troll)
:iconzikore:Zikore 3 14
Inktober 29: United by Zikore Inktober 29: United :iconzikore:Zikore 8 5 Inktober 28: Fall by Zikore Inktober 28: Fall :iconzikore:Zikore 2 11 Inktober 27: Climb by Zikore Inktober 27: Climb :iconzikore:Zikore 4 5 Inktober 26: Squeak by Zikore Inktober 26: Squeak :iconzikore:Zikore 4 3


INKTOBER2017- DAY1 by demonofnothing INKTOBER2017- DAY1 :icondemonofnothing:demonofnothing 10 4 Razel New Armor Sketch by KratosLegacy94 Razel New Armor Sketch :iconkratoslegacy94:KratosLegacy94 17 5 The Prince of the Playground by demonofnothing The Prince of the Playground :icondemonofnothing:demonofnothing 8 6 My Dashing Beauty by demonofnothing My Dashing Beauty :icondemonofnothing:demonofnothing 10 7 I see you by RandomPhotoLady I see you :iconrandomphotolady:RandomPhotoLady 2 2 DIMENSION (ENGLISH) - Chapter 1 Page 76 by KratosLegacy94 DIMENSION (ENGLISH) - Chapter 1 Page 76 :iconkratoslegacy94:KratosLegacy94 11 2 IT SAYS WERE FRIENDS!!!! by WhyTho69 IT SAYS WERE FRIENDS!!!! :iconwhytho69:WhyTho69 1 0 Is this kinky? by WhyTho69 Is this kinky? :iconwhytho69:WhyTho69 3 8 Owl Sketch  by TheCoconutChild1 Owl Sketch :iconthecoconutchild1:TheCoconutChild1 24 7 Contest prize Pip isn't saving you by ColorfulFandomWriter Contest prize Pip isn't saving you :iconcolorfulfandomwriter:ColorfulFandomWriter 5 0 Cursed Brothers by KratosLegacy94 Cursed Brothers :iconkratoslegacy94:KratosLegacy94 20 6 Erin Pibbles by demonofnothing Erin Pibbles :icondemonofnothing:demonofnothing 8 4 Lights Out by demonofnothing Lights Out :icondemonofnothing:demonofnothing 7 6 Never Gonna Give by demonofnothing Never Gonna Give :icondemonofnothing:demonofnothing 8 8 No Touching by demonofnothing No Touching :icondemonofnothing:demonofnothing 6 9 DIMENSION (ENGLISH) - Chapter 1 Page 75 by KratosLegacy94 DIMENSION (ENGLISH) - Chapter 1 Page 75 :iconkratoslegacy94:KratosLegacy94 10 2


Baby Talk
Inspired by a convo with :iconkiananuva12:

Once Basil finds out about Edgar carrying their child he's over the moon. Edgar's still keeping the pregnancy a secret from his folks so they have private snuggle time instead. Basil likes talking to baby Morrigan and telling her all about her family and whatever comes to mind.

Morrigan has a dozen aunts and uncles. XD Six from each side!

Basil is mine
Edgar belongs to :icondemonofnothing: and :iconkiananuva12:
Smurfs belong to Peyo, Sony, et al
1. First, Middle, and Last name? - Gelilah Ann Grey. I prefer Ann.

2. Sit Shotgun or in the back? - I’d rather fly. It doesn't take much with an enchanted broom or on the back of my familiar. Or if I happen to have wings myself.

3. Favorite toy as a little kid? - I had a tiny cauldron and would make all sorts of concoctions. Mostly they were mud and leaves but then I learned to take actual ingredients. I melted that cauldron and a good three meters into the stone. There were also the hand me down blocks that I liked.

4. Which is worse, shopping for jeans or shopping for a swimsuit? - My oldest sister tailor makes my clothing.

5. Favorite season? Why? - I don't really have one.

6. Do you read the ending before the book? - *Eyeroll* Oh yes. I read every book backwards. Are you some kind of idiot?

7. Best brand of jeans? - Eerie's

8. Island Cabana, European castle, Safari tent, or Ski lodge? - Hm. Is this a vacation or some kind of adventure? I’ll pick the island for a vacation.

9. Sunset or sunrise? - Depends on what I’m doing.

10. Fav color combo? - *Deadpans as she waves a hand at her pink and black clothes* Let me guess. You're completely colorblind. Pink. And. Black.

11. Favorite # and why? - I can't think of any that particularly stand out.

12. Color toes are painted? - Pink, Black, or a combination of the two.

13. Ever need stitches, and if so why? - I know some of the most powerful healing magics and abuse them gleefully. Most of the Greys do. So no.

14. Favorite shoes? - Comfortable boots. A plus if they're black or pink.

15. Right handed, Left handed, or Ambidextrous? - Right handed but like my brothers I’ve trained in ambidexterity until you couldn't tell which was my dominant hand.

16. How many kids do you have or want one day? - None and I don't know. I'm only 84. That's adolescence in our species and I won't be considered an adult for another 16 years.

17. Tent or cabin? - Cave.

18. What scared you when you were little? - Granmummy. But that was mostly because of Pa.

19. For just one day, you would switch places with...? - Princess. *Smiles* I’d like to test a few things.

20. Wake up to the alarm, or a radio? - Magic

21. Talent show? If so, what? - I’m a delightfully convincing actor. Especially with the proper preparations. *Chuckles*

22. Go with the flow or stick to routine? - My siblings never let a routine happen. I’ve learned to roll with it.

23. Coolest first name you've ever heard? - Gelilah. Granmummy is perfectly terrifying.

24. Polka dots, stripes, plaid, or paisleys? - Oh, I don't know. *Looks down at her pants.* Wait! How did those stripes get there?!
Stripes fool.

25. Coolest last name you've ever heard? - Grey

26. Paper or plastic? - Paper.

27. What are you good at drawing? - Skulls

28. Brownies or cookies? - Both

29. You refuse to eat...? - Rotten food.

30. Silver or gold? - Gold

31. Favorite hang out place? - My laboratory. Or Pa’s laboratory.

32. How many moves have you made? - *Deadpans* 248,697. And counting.

33. Stuffed animal or blanket? - I like blankets. Soft thistledown blankets. Eerie would make them for me and they were so snuggly. Even moreso once she figured out a way to make them plush. *Happy sigh*

34. Favorite weekend thing? - Toying with the various political factions of the fey nearby. Or doing alchemy with Pa.

35. Bedroom color? - Calamity calls it 'pastel goth’. It's black and pink all over.

36. Mild or spicy? - Depends on what I’m eating.

37. What would be hard to give up? - Pa. The rest of my family too, but Pa especially. I'm a daddy's girl.

38. Cutest thing your pet does? - I have a raven familiar named Corvus. He and Omen get into insult matches that are fun to watch.

39. Shower or bath? - Magic. Maybe a hot soak after. If I really want to pamper myself then I use scented oils or rose petals.

40. You have a problem with...? - Getting asked stupid questions. *Arches her brow*

41. Nicknames? - Gelly, Ann, Thema, Liah, Witch

42. Coke or Pepsi? - I’d rather have something citrus based if it's a soda. Or maybe ginger ale. The dark ones taste like I'm drinking chalk.

43. Favorite song? - I like when Mama sings Bad Company. I can't carry a tune in a bucket so I'll spare you the agony.

44. Earliest Memory? - When my brain developed enough for memory. It was a muffled black blur and steadily getting more cramped until I was born. Birth was really unpleasant. Then all that light took some getting used to but it was much more interesting being out. My favorite earliest memory was seeing my family for the first time. I could finally hear them clearly and put faces to voices. They kept winking in and out of existence until I developed object permanence of course.

45. Milk or dark chocolate? - Both

46. Who do you call when you're upset? - Pa. Or Mama, Eerie, or Sinister. Sometimes Blasphemy.

47. Do you recycle? - Do I look like a needlessly wasteful idiot?

48. Big mac or whopper? - I’ve met a troll named Big Mac, but who's Whopper and what am I choosing them for?

49. Last book you read? - I reread my copy of Secrets of the Mind. My favorite spell involves stealing all the memories of my target.

50. Beach or Mountains? - Mountains. I live in one.

51. What kind of shoes do you wear? - Boots. Why are you asking this twice? Is your memory that bad?

52. TV or book? - Books

53. Favorite store? - Flower shops. Even better if they sell herbs.

54. Last thing you ate? - Barbeque squirrel and sarsaparilla salad.

55. Neat freak or total slob? - I’m more neat but not to the point I’ll clean up your messes. Pay a maid.

56. Fav car? - They haven't been invented yet. I’d rather fly anyway.

57. Best gift ever received? - Granmummy gave me my first black magic tome. She said I had talent for it. It comes so naturally to me. *Smiles*

58. Best gift ever given? - If I happen to feel merciful and spare a life. Of course some of the idiots get all vengeful and try to kill me. It's a fun challenge. And I like keeping their hides as trophies.

59. Do you wish on stars? - If I wanted the headache that comes with keeping a djinn I’d go capture the most powerful one I could find.

60. Ever been stung by a Jellyfish? - No

61. Best cartoon ever? - They haven't been invented yet.

62. What are you afraid of now? - Nothing.

63. Last person you spoke to? - Sid.

64. Favorite donut? - Any. Don't get me started on my sweet tooth. -_-;

65. Dumbest thing you've ever done? - Get lost in someone else's memories and forgot who I was. I didn't let that happen again.

66. Been to NYC? - No

67. Been to LA? - La in the land of Nod, yes. The future human city or Los Angeles or the state of Louisiana, no.

68. Best sitcom ever? - Following my sister Dede around for a day.

69. Favorite place visited? - Granmummy's house

70. LEAST Fav vegetable? - Rotten ones.

71. Dreamer or doer? - Both. Do you think grand schemes to change the flow of fey history happen if you just walk out the door with half an idea in your head? That was a rhetorical question, by the by.

72. Word to describe yourself? - Monumental

73. Very first friend? - Royal… ah, Jet. I'm so used to calling him by his child name. He still calls me Gelly on occasion too.

74. If you could, what would you change your first name to? - I already have. Though I may take up Gelilah after granmummy dies to honor her. That’ll probably be centuries from now.

75. Night light or total darkness? - For sleep, I don't care. For killing or stealth, total darkness.

76. Ever pull an all-nighter? - Oh yes.

77. Believe in love at first sight? - Between the magic of love potions, an Immortal of love who likes firing arrows, and my species’ mating season, yes.

78. Best pizza topping? - Onions.

79. Ever own a goldfish? - No.

80. Ever have an imaginary friend? - No, I had Jet to play with so I wasn't a lonely child.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Comment here and I'll feature three pieces of your gallery that I like, and I'll say something nice about it.  

But, if you comment, you must do the same, with me in the first spot.  The idea is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around.  


It was a Graveyard Smash 4 by demonofnothing

Your entire Smurf world is filled with some of the most awesome characters. This one in particular just showcases how badass these guys are. Even sweet little Grusome!

Pretentious Depravity: Angry Birds by demonofnothing

Your worlds hook my interest then drag me along for the wildest rides. I love Pretentious Depravity and all the characters. :)

There's No Place I'd Rather Be by demonofnothing

I got into watching Ultimate Annihilators because of your work. I really think your versions of them are so much better than the actual animation.



Beauty and the Smurf--Chapter 1                                  Beauty and the Smurf
                                Chapter 1: First Discoveries

The next morning
An elderly woman, appearing to be in her early-mid 50’s with pale blonde, almost white hair, bright gray eyes and dressed in maid’s clothes was returning to her kingdom after going out to gather fresh exotic fruits from another town the day before.  Accompanying her was a robot Smurf who sat on her shoulder.  “What a beautiful summer day, isn’t it, Clockwork?” the maid asked the robot Smurf with a cheerful smile on her face.  The robot Smurf, Clockwork whizzed and nodded in response, smiling in return.  However, Clockwork’s smile faded quickly upon noticing something near an oak tree with his painted deep blue eyes.  Th

I enjoy your stories. You've created several worlds that I really enjoy reading and hearing about.

Little Moments--Contest Entry + Theme 36                                  Little Moments
Lisette “Lisa” Smurfette was resisting the urge to laugh at the sight in front of her.  Her 20 year old Smurfling twins, Austin Smurf and Autumn Smurfette were holding opposite ends of a piece of yellow ribbon, giggling like silly.  The strawberry blonde noticed that many of their toys had been victims of their latest ‘adult’ find.  “Got Dada, Mama.” Austin babbled, his blue eyes lit up with joy.  It didn’t take Lisa long to find her husband and the twins’ father on the floor wrapped in the shiny ribbon like an early Easter present.  Wooly Smurf gave off a sheepish grin at his wife.  Even if Lisa is mild-mannered for the most part, she’s not one to excuse certain rules being broken.  In other words, Wooly was in trouble, whether he saw it that way or not.

You're extremely good at fluff. I love this one for the humor and sweetness. X3

Some Fools Never Learn--Theme 26                               Some Fools Never Learn
The silence was unnerving him and Valiant Smurf knew it.  It had been three weeks since Gazynn Gazoo was revealed to be Charmer Smurf.  Chaos had erupted in Smurf village upon hearing the news.  Some Smurfs have blamed Gourdy for not raising him while others tended to blame Shashi Enlighten for being the cause of trouble.  Still, he knew that Shilo felt guilty about telling her family about the whole thing.  Her father Vanity was not known for his secret keeping skills.  The blue eyed ginger wouldn’t had given a shit about the whole thing if it weren’t for the fact that it meant Ravette “Rave” Smurfette had figured out that the alien/genie hybrid didn’t love her.  At first, Valiant welcomed the silence, glad that he didn’t have to listen to her biting criticism of everything ab

You do great hurt/comfort pieces too. I like the way you build characters through these short pieces. ^.^



you don't deserve life by pitufotontin

I like the emotion seen in your art. You do a good Peyo style too.

occ tv trope meme by pitufotontin

I love your characters, they're so interesting. I really wish I knew Spanish so I could read your stories in your language. ^.^

the crew's fancy dresses by pitufotontin

You can see the character's personalities from just the art and I love that. :3



Three out of Four by riverotter7

Spinning looks awesome and you do reenactments too! I like that every picture I have looked at has a little story under it. I feel like I know you from them. ^.^

Erik after the Panty Raid, Cookie being Adorable by riverotter7

I love cats, and you do such good pictures of them. Kudos to a fellow cat lover! :3

Asked for Arch of Seven Sisters Roses by riverotter7

Not only does this show off some amazing gardening talent, but also some great ingenuity! That's really impressive. :D



Love Couple 1 : Death Child and Life Child by sandapolla

The feathering on Life Child is just amazing and the coloring in this seems almost ethereal. I love your use of vibrant colors. ^.^

Musset's Many Looks by sandapolla

My favorite of your original series is the Birds! I love playing around with multiple dimensions and you've made a species that can do that so easily. Plus, look at all of those outfits! I have always admired your ability to dress your characters and it has definitely influenced my work. :D

How Many by sandapolla

I think you draw such adorable family poses. And of course I love your Smurf OCs!


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Spritebase IV by Zikore

I can custom quite a bit, but the simpler the design the quicker the turn around. ^.^

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I'm a married mom of two and a writer at heart. I'm a southerner so I speak with the typical drawl, I really enjoy surprising folks that assume the southern drawl means I'm uneducated/stupid. I'm nerdy and I'm a redneck, it's a fun combination. X3

I dabble with sprites and I've been trying to draw, but that's not really my passion.

The written word, being able to build entire worlds and populate them with interesting inhabitants to make a plot that can carry a reader through ups and downs, twists and turns, until they finally get to the end and want more.

That's my passion. I don't hold much back when writing. Having cut my teeth on smut to start with, I'm rather used to including it in my writing. To me it's just a part of life and can even advance a plot occasionally. I do less 'porn without plot' and more 'plot with some porn' since I'm not skittish about talking/writing about sex and such.

I'm rather obsessed with smurfs currently, as can be seen from what I've been posting. I also enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons as well as reading and working on my other obsession, pokegirls.


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