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Cough Syrup by demonofnothing Cough Syrup :icondemonofnothing:demonofnothing 6 2 Till The World Ends by demonofnothing Till The World Ends :icondemonofnothing:demonofnothing 5 2 When You Talk Dirty to Me by demonofnothing When You Talk Dirty to Me :icondemonofnothing:demonofnothing 8 6 Hold Up Wait a Minute Put a Little Love In It by demonofnothing Hold Up Wait a Minute Put a Little Love In It :icondemonofnothing:demonofnothing 6 2 Is It What You Had in Mind? by demonofnothing Is It What You Had in Mind? :icondemonofnothing:demonofnothing 7 2 Ease My Mind Will You by demonofnothing Ease My Mind Will You :icondemonofnothing:demonofnothing 5 2 Swigggity swooty by WhyTho69 Swigggity swooty :iconwhytho69:WhyTho69 1 5
It was a typical day for the little smurfling, wondering the graveyard while his father dug some graves. He liked exploring around the usual quiet area. Not many living souls came to the graveyard, so he could wonder to his hearts content without much fear of danger. And the dead were nice to talk to sometime.
Edgar had hopped up onto one of the bases that belong to an all too familiar Reaper Statue, one of his favorite spots to just sit or play. He had climbed it quite a few times, probably giving his father a heart attack in the process. The little smurfling was about to climb it again before he paused as a soft sobbing could be heard somewhere. Not that sobbing in the graveyard wasn't that unusual. He heard plenty of crying during funerals after all.
But there were no funerals scheduled for today and especially in this area. The little smurfling jumped down from the statue's base and headed in the direction of the sound. It didn't take long for him to find a child, roughtly his age,
:iconkiananuva12:kiananuva12 2 4
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I Swear I Never Meant For This :icondemonofnothing:demonofnothing 4 8
Smurfs: Young PAPAWILLOW by TairusuKU Smurfs: Young PAPAWILLOW :icontairusuku:TairusuKU 16 3


(Third Gen) Prince Grey
My first third generation Smurf (I count Blasphemy as 2.5 XD). Here's Prince!

He's the son of Calamity and a mutt (his mama is a hybrid Smurf/dark elf). Currently he's a kid in my head so I don't have any info on his occupation, look, or attitude as an adult.

He likes to play with Dede and Moggy since they're close in age (within three decades of each other). He doesn't like his Uncle Viz but adores his Godfather, Sinister. He says he wants to be just like his dad and wears black like him. X3

Sorry for the diabeetus. XD
Kin Without Blood
(Second edit: Color!)

Introducing Jubilee! She's Fryer's oldest. She and Basil were practically raised together because they were born the same year. So the pair view themselves as siblings. She speaks in a Cajun accent and calls Basil 'Zil-zil'. I'll try to get her bio up sometime tonight.

[Bio Update!]

Name: Cutie (Jubilee)

Parents: Fryer Smurf, [Spoiler Retraction]

Gender: Female

Relationship Preferences: Heterosexual

Personality: Sweet and energetic, Jubilee likes to surprise others with kind gifts for no other reason than to see them smile. She has memorized everyone’s birthday and goes gift crazy on the Winter Solstice/Christmas.

Appearance: Jubilee has blond curly hair that she wears in various hairstyles. She usually pins it back with a large clip. She likes reds, whites, and pinks. Most often she wears a short red skirt over top of traditional smurf pants and a long sleeved shirt with a scarf (when it's cold).

Other: She considers Basil her brother since the two were born the same year. She speaks with a cajun accent.

Civilized Villains
X3 I had fun with this. Sin and Stitches look adorable. I did the chairs high on purpose because I just had to have Stitches swinging his legs.

Sinister belongs to me.
Stitches belongs to :iconmoxthegrumpyvort:
Smurfs belong to Peyo, Sony, et al.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

So I've been dangling bits and pieces out to interested folks and figure I might as well detail them in a single spot. These stories aren't posted up officially yet due to their spoilers for my main story (since they happen in the future). As far as timeline goes, the first is Turning, then Hurting, then Punishing, then Fighting.

I'll update this as I write more spoilerly ones and get to the point of posting up the stories as things are revealed in the main-story.

Calamity Centric Ficlets:

Grey Stories: Turning
This one is the first story I wrote featuring Calamity. It also features another of my OCs, Princess.

Grey Stories: Fighting
A far future story featuring Calamity and his son, my first third generation OC, Prince!

Grim Centric Ficlets:

Grey Stories: Hurting
WARNING WARNING WARNING! This story is dark. This story details Grim's 'punishment' of Surgery.

Grey Stories: Punishing
Set just after Hurting. Grim pays in part for his crimes.


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Here's where you pay for my commissions, random gifts, and what have you.

Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

I'm offering point commissions for sprites from my bases. Now for 25 points!

My bases:

Spritebase IV by Zikore

I can custom quite a bit, but the simpler the design the quicker the turn around. ^.^

Commission que:


If you'd like one, note me or comment here:

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United States
Name: Megen (RL nickname), Zikore (pronounced Z-eye-core), Zee or Z"
Personal Quote: First rule of nature: There are exceptions to every rule, except this rule, which is the exception.

Llama Policy: If you give me one, I'll give one back

I'm a married mom of two and a writer at heart. I'm a southerner so I speak with the typical drawl, I really enjoy surprising folks that assume the southern drawl means I'm uneducated/stupid. I'm nerdy and I'm a redneck, it's a fun combination. X3

I dabble with sprites and I've been trying to draw, but that's not really my passion.

The written word, being able to build entire worlds and populate them with interesting inhabitants to make a plot that can carry a reader through ups and downs, twists and turns, until they finally get to the end and want more.

That's my passion. I don't hold much back when writing. Having cut my teeth on smut to start with, I'm rather used to including it in my writing. To me it's just a part of life and can even advance a plot occasionally. I do less 'porn without plot' and more 'plot with some porn' since I'm not skittish about talking/writing about sex and such.

I'm rather obsessed with smurfs currently, as can be seen from what I've been posting. I also enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons as well as reading and working on my other obsession, pokegirls.


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