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Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

I'm offering point commissions for sprites from my bases. Now for 25 points!

My bases:

Spritebase IV by Zikore

I can custom quite a bit, but the simpler the design the quicker the turn around. ^.^

Commission que:


If you'd like one, note me or comment here:

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Not a Nightmare (colored)
I was flipping through my sketchbook and decided to color this. Something really cute that popped into my head was that if you asked Sin why he always held Eerie's hand, he'd reply "Because sissy needs it."

Yes she does, Sin. Yes she does.
Lego Triceratops heads are very effective caltrops. I have a hole in my foot. x.x

On the bright side, the lovely and talented Mama Coconut blessed me with an adorable picture of Calamity. ♥ Just gaze on the cuteness. Give her a look (and a watch if you like), if nothing else for all the cool universes she creates. *v*
Flower for Clemy by TheCoconutChild1
Mayhem Grey
This guy was inspired by the insurance commercials. XD

Name: (Tom) Mayhem 'Moggy' Grey
Species: (Unseelie) Grey Smurf
Family: Stalker Grey (Father), Azreal Grey (Mother)
Personality: Mayhem has a love for exploring, breaking things, and being random. He is rarely bored because he's always up to something, even if that something is slowly moving a cup closer to the edge of a table. He is fairly friendly towards others (save regular smurfs), but at some point he breaks something important and is entirely unrepentant about it. The only exception to this is his beloved Dede.
Appearance: Moggy looks mostly like his father. He wears grey leggings but instead of a traditional hat wears a grey spiked helmet. He often wears goggles.
Other: He has a sickeningly sweet relationship with Demented 'Dede' Grey.

Wanna ask him or my other Greys a question? My ask is still open!
Demented Grey
Name: (Sequoia) Demented 'Dede' Grey
Species: (Unseelie) Grey Smurf
Family: Surgery Grey (Mother), Comic Grey (Father), Grim Grey (Half-brother), Eerie Grey (Sister), Sinister Grey (Half-brother), Blasphemy Grey (Half-sister/niece)
Personality: Hyperactive and cutesy, Dede enjoys being random. She is a bit unstable. She can be dangerous, particularly to those that offend her or hurt her precious Moggy.
Appearance: Her hair is brown and curly. She usually wears a yellow or green bell hat and a simple layered dress adorned with beads at the V neck and wrists. Her favored colors are green and yellow. Usually her dress is green and the beads and belt are yellow. She wears simple smurf shoes, usually yellow.
Other: She has an overly sweet romantic relationship with Moggy. She knows her mother's healing magic.
I was tagged again by :iconthecoconutchild1: But I'm also gonna answer the non-tag stuff folks have in their journals too.

:iconthecoconutchild1: 's Questions:

1) Do you believe that coconuts can fly?

WIth a good trebuchet they could get a nice parabolic arc going. Or in the right dimension. :D

2) How did you end up on DeviantArt?

Looking up pictures of anthropokemon. Then I left for a bit and came back smurf crazed. XD

3) Am I annoying to you ? Especially if I tag you you in my journals?

No, it's not annoying. I just get a bit of anxiety from social stuffs in general (because I feel like I'm bothering people by tagging them). And it's flattering for the attention. ^.^;

4) How did you find my Deviantart?

IIRC it was a return watch for watching me, then I started following your work. Then I got brave enough to art trade. X3

5) Who are your inspiration here on DA and why?

I absolutely love interacting with fellow smurfs fans. Ideas get tossed around, random ships happen, characters get made, and the plots! Mostly I think I'm the wierdo that sits in the back and plays with the glue (peeling that stuff off your hands is awesome). XD

6)What are some songs that describe you?


Joy - Enya: Return to Innocence
Anger - Foreigner: Cold as Ice
Depression - Tool: Schism
Hope - Natasha Bedingfield: Unwritten
Fear - Imagine Dragons: Demons
Humor - B-52's: Rock Lobster
Being a mom - Pink: Perfect
Romance - UB40: I Can't Help Falling In Love
>///> - Robert Palmer: Addicted to Love

7) What is a trait you hate in a personality? Or person's actions?

I hate deceitfulness, lying. I'd rather a person say nothing than to sputter false compliments. Or because they don't want to face the consequences of their actions. Even worse is someone lying for their own gain. 

8) Do you have patience?

I've been told I have too much to the point I'm lazy. I tend to play the long game. *Shrug*

9) How long do you spend on your art?

Depends. If I'm uninterrupted I can crank out a custom sprite in a few hours, draw a character and ink it in a day. Most of the time with two kids they take priority and I drop what I'm doing to see to customers at work, so it's more like a few days for sprites and traditional art. For my writing... Well I've averaged about 7-8 thousand words every six months at the longest, but I know if I'm sufficiently inspired and have the time I can do that in a week.

10) How long do you think I spend on my art?

Hmmm... maybe a day or two?

11) If you had to say one thing you love about school, what would it be?

It was useful, but I'm glad it's over and done with. X3

12) Name a few old songs you were in love with in your childhood ( 7 years old- 12 years old..or even younger then that if you want)

Guns 'N' Roses: Sweet Child O' Mine
Sir Mix-a-Lot: Baby Got Back
MC Hammer: U Can't Touch This
Billy Ray Cyrus: Achy Breaky Heart
Trisha Yearwood: She's in Love with the Boy

(Yeah I listened to a LOT of different stuff. Still do.)

:iconkiananuva12: 's Questions

1. Ya wanna get dunked on son?

o.o I can't even beat the pacifist route. Nope nope nope.

2. Ever consider eating a Ghost Pepper?

I've had a taste of a Carolina Reaper, which is twice as hot on the scoville scale. I'd rather not experience that again. x.x

3. What is love?


4. Any favorite movies?

Smurfs -All of 'em, Hobbit Series, LOTR Series, Harry Potter Series, Happy Feet I and II... Hell most Disney stuff. XD

5. Any favorite shows? Cartoon or otherwise.

Smurfs, Walking Dead, Star Trek: NG, DS9, and Voyager, Sliders, Firefly

6. Any favorite song or band?

I've got too many to list and too many genres. I'm a sucker for Classical and Techno, but anything with a good beat really, barring excessive language.

7. I ran out of questions...BYE.


:iconepicsmurfgirl: 's Questions

1 What’s your favorite genre of music?

A Tie between Classical and Techno, but I love a lot of different types of music. ^.^

2 Who’s your favorite OC of yours?

Aaaagh. I love quite a few. Prolly a five way tie between Calamity, Basil, Rescue, Savvy, and Seer.

3 Comics or novels? Or both?

Both. I'm a total bibliophile. ^.^

4 Are you an optimist, a pessimist, a realist, or something else?

Outwardly an optimist, a cesspool of pessimism on the inside.

5 Favorite social media platform?

DA I reckon. I don't really social media aside from keeping up with my kin on Facebook.

6 What do you want to have as a profession? If you already have a profession, what is it?

Writer or Teacher. I'd be happy with either or both.

7 If you were a mythical creature, what would it be??

A Dryad.

:iconriverthunder: 's Questions

1. Did you do any clubs in high school? (If you aren't in HS yet do you plan to?)

I was in FFA all four years of High School. And then senior year there was an ag extension club that was for aspiring Veterinarians. I was president of that one. ^.^

2. Favorite animal at the zoo or aquarium?

I head for the reptile exhibits usually. I likes my herps.

3. Favorite musical?

Most Disney movies count as musicals, right? Of those, Pocahontas.

4. Last movie you saw in the theater?

Smurfs: The Lost Village. ^.^

5. Last present you bought for someone?

My daughter's birthday presents. A bunch of Trolls merchandise. X3

6. Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

Introvert. I have to mentally force myself to interact with people IRL.

7. Favorite TV show?

A tie between Smurfs, Sliders, and Firefly


Zikore's Profile Picture
United States
Name: Megen (RL nickname), Zikore (pronounced Z-eye-core), Zee or Z"
Personal Quote: First rule of nature: There are exceptions to every rule, except this rule, which is the exception.

Llama Policy: If you give me one, I'll give one back

I'm a married mom of two and a writer at heart. I'm a southerner so I speak with the typical drawl, I really enjoy surprising folks that assume the southern drawl means I'm uneducated/stupid. I'm nerdy and I'm a redneck, it's a fun combination. X3

I dabble with sprites and I've been trying to draw, but that's not really my passion.

The written word, being able to build entire worlds and populate them with interesting inhabitants to make a plot that can carry a reader through ups and downs, twists and turns, until they finally get to the end and want more.

That's my passion. I don't hold much back when writing. Having cut my teeth on smut to start with, I'm rather used to including it in my writing. To me it's just a part of life and can even advance a plot occasionally. I do less 'porn without plot' and more 'plot with some porn' since I'm not skittish about talking/writing about sex and such.

I'm rather obsessed with smurfs currently, as can be seen from what I've been posting. I also enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons as well as reading and working on my other obsession, pokegirls.


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